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Finnmaster Boats

Finnmaster Pilot 7 Weekend

Made in Finland and backed by a proud heritage of boatbuilding, Finnmaster boats are strong and built for icy conditions. Every boat is built and designed with decades of knowledge, experience, and a clear vision;  Finnmaster build safe, smart boats without compromising on modern design. The Finnmaster P series has a roomy aft deck and large spacious cabin, making them an ideal weekender boat to enjoy quality time with family and friends.

For more photos and specifications refer to Finnmaster Pilot 7 Weekend

Finnmaster Pilot 7

Meet the leisure boat that gives a completely new meaning to the concept of function. With the Pilot 7, we have focused on well planned storage spaces, both in the generous cockpit and in the steering cabin, where you have direct access to the roomy cabin.

For more photos and specifications refer to Finnmaster Pilot 7

Finnmaster Pilot 8

The Pilot 8 is our largest cabin boat. A model without compromise, built for a long life at sea. Whether you are looking for a fishing boat, an excursion boat or a boat where the whole family can spend the night – this is the boat for you.

For more photos and specifications refer to Finnmaster Pilot 8

Finnmaster 62 Day Cruiser

The Finnmaster 62 DC is one of our most sold day cruisers that, with its practical and well thought-out design, makes it easy for you to get to the bow through a door in the windscreen. On the aft deck, the rotating chairs together with the U-sofa create a roomy cockpit where you can also transform the dining area into a sun bed for all the family to enjoy.

For more photos and specifications refer to Finnmaster 62 DC

Finnmaster 68 Day Cruiser

The Finnmaster 68 DC is a boat that will help you escape from everyday life. Here, we have carefully selected all materials in the boat while having seasoned it with many smart solutions and details. The Finnmaster 68 DC provides you and your nearest and dearest with a large cockpit with a U-sofa, which can easily be transformed into a sundeck, guaranteeing that you can enjoy summer days to the full.

For more photos and specifications refer to Finnmaster 68 DC

Finnmaster T7

Welcome to the future of boat ownership! The Finnmaster T7 shows the way with its streamlined hull and the innovative LED docking lights on the bow. T7 is totally unique, the perfect meeting between modern top design and practical details. We have included everything here, from a sporty appearance with speedy character to cosy comfort for all the family.

For more photos and specifications refer to Finnmaster T7

Finnmaster T8

Sometimes, you shouldn’t have to compromise. Your boat can be sporty and comfortable all at the same time. For this reason, we left nothing out when we created the pride of the T-series – the T8. This luxurious boat combines unique driving features, our distinguished Smart Design solutions and quite simply the best materials.

For more photos and specifications refer to Finnmaster T8

Finnmaster 52 SC

With the flexible Finnmaster 52 SC you can navigate through even the narrowest passages. The large steering console also protects your passengers when you go out on an adventure in the sea. Thanks to our Smart Design, there is plenty of storage space in both the bows and under the stern seats. We have also placed steps all around the boat to make it easy for all the family to step on board.

For more photos and specifications refer to Finnmaster 52 SC

Finnmaster 55 SC

The Finnmaster 55 SC is the perfect leisure boat, and it is exceptionally convenient as a transport boat. Because the Finnmaster 55 SC is equipped with steps at both the bow and the stern as well as on the sides it is easy for the whole family to step on board. The smart fender holder in the bow means the fenders can be stowed quickly as soon as you have cast off. Undoubtedly, the best thing about the Finnmaster 55 SC is the large steering console.

For more photos and specifications refer to Finnmaster 55 SC

Finnmaster S6

Finnmaster S6 is a perfect combination between sporty and innovative details. This boat allows you to fully enjoy a summer day, thanks to the many seats and the easily convertible sun deck in the bow. The wide helm with the streamlined windshield guarantees protection from wind even at high speeds.

For more photos and specifications refer to Finnmaster S6

Finnmaster 55 Bow Rider

Sometimes, it feels good to make things easy for yourself. The Finnmaster 55 BR is then the boat for you. This model is versatile and functions just as well for short connecting trips and transport to the summer bach as for unforgettable summer days at sea.

For more photos and specifications refer to Finnmaster 55BR

Finnmaster 62 Bow Rider

Finnmaster 62 BR – Our largest Bow Rider is also our great test winner. A tough nut that masters hard seas but at the same time is perfect on warm summer days when you can easily transform the U-sofa into a large sun bed. The Finnmaster 62 BR is very practical as you can quickly reach the bow through the opening windscreen when you have to dock. There is also plenty of stowing space, with room for everything you need for a day at sea. The canopy is always ready in the canopy garage, if the weather should suddenly change.

For more photos and specifications refer to Finnmaster 62BR

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